Freedom of thoughts and expression

Jamouli Ouzidane

“There is no phenomenon that  contains as much destructive feeling as ‘moral indignation’ which permits envy or hate to act under the guise of virtue. ” , Erich Fromm, Man for Himself.

“Conscience is a stick everyone takes to beat his neighbor.” , Honore de Balzac, Thoughts

“Nothing defeat the evil that the falling to be good, because by monopolizing global power, it collects a proportional reaction of violence.”

“They plot and plan and purpose, but ALLAH is the best of Planners.”
Qur’an VIII – 30 قال الله عز وجل: ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين “سورة الأنفال”

Terror : All against all !

There is no question for me here to show my solidarity with media friends, thinkers, intellectuals, journalists or any blogger who are victims of intellectual terror, I would feel ashamed if I act by virtue which I have the utmost disregard, but it is primarily for me to defend MY own freedom of thought, one we all share as common universal value ; freedom of thought are neither negotiable nor have variable speed.

We can’t keep silent without betraying our freedom which is never taken for granted but a perpetual struggle against the evil forces, who fight the evil in the name of the Good against the axis of Evil; They want to have the monopoly of divine good, which they declare to be the source and the sense …

So I defend the freedom of any thinker before that of any individual that is being terrorized to silence all of us ! …
Fear makes us passive and indifferent according to Martin Niemoller:
“When we arrested the members of the intelligentsia, I was not an intellectual. I did not say anything when they arrested the Communists, I was not a Communist. I did not protest; When they arrested the Jews, I was not Jewish. I kept silent;  When arrested socialists, I kept silence, and then when I was arrested, I had to speak up. “

The monopoly of the GOOD :

Here is an excerpt Tzvetan Todorov who describes “The Temptation of Good” in a subtle revelation:
“- A precept for the next century could be: start by not fighting evil in the name of good, but the assurance of those who claim to always know where good and evil, not the devil, but what makes it possible: Manichean thinking itself.
– Wanting to eradicate injustice from the face of the earth or even violations of human rights, establish a new world order which would have banned the wars and violence, is a project that reaches totalitarian utopias in their attempt to make mankind better and establish heaven on earth. It also implies that we believed to be the only incarnation of good, as in the wars of religion. They stopped, in fact, the day when it was recognized that many conceptions of the good could coexist.
– We must choose the right against might, but between two forces, one might prefer one that says its name to that which is hidden behind a mask of virtue ….
– The new danger is another form that could be called by the temptation of good. This is, indeed, much more widespread than the temptation of evil, and also, paradoxically more dangerous. Just look at the history of any part of the world to face the facts: the victims of the suction well outnumber those of the desire for evil. This temptation is to perceive oneself as an incarnation of good and want to impose on others, not only in private life, but also in public life. “

Difference between freedom of expression, thought and action:

Freedom of expression is one of the foundation of freedom of thought indisputable in all Western constitutions since Spinoza! freedom of expression is above all freedom of thought …

Even in the obscure century, Sipinoza had recommended this while avoiding the thought of acting; this to just to avoid the wrath of the king and get him to admit that this freedom is not a danger to the person as long as it does not act against the will of society!

The thought is not a matter of politicians or political laws and even less of virtue and truth! It is an art of beauty, ingenuity imagination, a university science, a dialectical method … Thought should never go in a Messianic court !

The media prefer the freedom of expression to prevent freedom of thought. We think … that’s the great danger … but for whom ! for the new modern Inquisition; the Middle Ages where people are taken to judgment before the people, the judges and the laws. No, we will never return back!

We have the right to express ourselves  in a country that calls itself civilized, democratic not only to defends the law of freedom of thought internal but to export these thoughts by the bomb in what we call barbarians countries of the south !

We never call terror on other people or Communities, we just express our right to think …

Freedom of expression with multiple speeds

It is forbidden to blaspheme the history of the Holocaust by just questioning historical facts in the university … but it is allowed and even recommended to blaspheme Muslims and why not even Christ or the Holy Mary ! Piss on their Koran or burn it as a satanic book, caricaturing the prophet .. and you have the Zionist mafia support you as courageous defenders of the virtues and values of the West …

We could well see the same mafia support Satanic Verses and the caricature and then attacking the humorist Dieudonné … for making jokes …
If you do not believe freedom of expression has its variety of thoughts different to yours,  them, you don’t believed on freedom of expression that’s all … freedom is for everyone or it is not !

Why not use your freedom of thought and expression to answer the arguments of your opponents … unless one has no argument, then he must close his mouth and not take legal action … against its opponents to stop them using their rights of thoughts and expressions,
We are blinded by arrogance, intoxicated with insolence and amazed by power …

Jamouli Ouzidane

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